Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yung Jake -

If you haven't heard of Yung Jake let me fill ya'll in. He is nominated for an O Music Award. Now to try and categorize this artist is not very simple, he's different and that's all I can say about him. He's different in a good way though!! In our opinion, he's one of the only rappers out right now who is trying to take music video creativity to the next level. Understand he's an internet genius and will change the way we watch videos in the future. This video is MIND BLOWING, you will be sharing it over and over again to your friends I guarantee that. His "Augmented Real" app was recently showcased at the Sundance Film Festival which included a performance broadcasted to the crowd from Yung Jake in another room of the building. Okay so this is what you need to do because it's going to get weird once you hit the play button but don't panic it's normal. Just let Safari, or whatever web browser do it's thing. Click the next page with the weird pop ups until the youtube video shows up. After that just click play. Now once you've calmed down after what you just viewed, vote for Yung Jake.