Tuesday, May 21, 2013

XBOX ONE REVEALED - Call of Duty Ghost, Quantum Break Trailer

First screenshots of the new Xbox One shown on XboxLive.com reveal event. The next generation Xbox will be released later this year with 15 exclusive Xbox titles, 8 of them will be brand new franchises. I expect the release date will be around the holidays so start saving some extra cash now for when the pre orders start. Check out the images for the remote, new kinect, Quantum Break (trailer), and the new Call Of Duty: Ghost after jump...

The new Xbox remote will get a new design. The control will feature an integrated battery compartment, Wi-Fi Direct, "impulse triggers" that incorporate extra feedback, and a cross-shaped "precision" D-Pad 

The new Xbox Kinect will feature 1080P HD RGB camera which can be used with Skype, 30FPS color, and an increased field-of-view. Also other voice commands that let you switch between playing a game, live TV, watching movies, playing music, or browsing the web. Kinect's mic will let your turn on the Xbox just by saying "Xbox On." 

Call of Duty: Ghost will be one of the Xbox One titles that will be released just after the launch. Expect this game to be available around the holidays 

Check out the trailer to Quantum Break. This is just a taste of what the new Xbox One can do! Watch the video below